Companion Care Program

The goal of the companion care program is to aid those who need help with the fundamental tasks of daily living.  In general, our personal assistants perform duties such as same day meal preparation, future meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, making beds, changing bed linens, medication reminders, transportation to appointments, shopping, errands, mail preparation and socializtion.  The companion care program is not only used in a home setting but has also proved to be quite successful in assisted living centers, hospitals, rehab centers, and long-term facilities.  This is especially true with families who have loved ones in such facilities and either live out of state or must travel a great distance to visit their loved ones.  In these settings this program essentially provides the family with another set of eyes that will guarantee that their loved ones are being cared for properly.  One of our service advisors will notify the family of any concerns that may arise regarding their loved one's care. Fees for our companion care program:

12 hours or more per week - $21 per hour
Less than 12 hours per week - $30 per hour

Personal Care Program

Our peronal care program is geared toward clients who require traditional home care services such as assistance with showering, bathing, oral care, toileting, obility, etc.

12 hours or more per week - $22 per hour
Less than 12 hours per week - $35 per hour

Combined Personal Care and Companion Care

Many clients perfer to combine the personal care program with the companion care program.  There is a ten hour per week requirement to combine both programs.

10  hours or more per week - $20 per hour

Patient Advocacy Program

Our registered patient advocate assists clients in dealing with medical visits and sits in with them and their physician when discussing their medical condition.  The goal of the advocate is to provide a clear communication bridge between the client and their physician.  The response from clients and physicians has been very positive.  Our patient advocate also monitors those clients who are in assisted living centers, rehab facilities and long-term care institutions. 

Including local round-trip transportation - $40 per hour

24/7 Live-In Care Program

Our 24/7 live-in care provides a viable alternative to those who are considering an assisted living center or a long-term nursing facility. Our program allows the person not only to remain in the comfortof their own home, but to be totally cared for by a qualified medical professional whose only purpose is to attend to the needs of their client.  It combines elements of all the programs listed above and does so at a price that is considerably less than an assisted living center or a long-term nursing facility.  Area medical professionals, includig doctors, nurses and social workers utilize or have utilized our 24/7 program for their loved ones.  Ask for our list of references and testimonials.

24/7 - Live-in Care - $195.00 per day