FREE Medical Alert System Included

Let us cover the monthly cost of your medical alert system of your choice.  Our new med alert program will cover the cost of your med alert system up to $45.00 per month.  This program is available to all new customers who agree to signing on to any of our programs for 25 hours a week.  For more information on this program, please call our 24/7 number at 609.385.7767.

Family Care Giver Program

Can you get paid as a family care giver?  YES, you can.  Providing care to an elderly family member can be a difficult burden to bear.  But, it can also be a rewarding one by realizing that you may be the best care giver your loved one could have.  Our family care giver program will provide you with the training you need to care for your loved one in our companion care and personal care programs.  You will also be employed by Here For You LLC, which will pay you a competitive wage and provide employer sponsored benefits.  And, if you feel you have the time to service any of our other clients, we will make that option available to you.  If this program is of interest to you and to a loved one undergoing current care, or considering future care at this time, please contact us on our 24/7 partner line at 609.385.7767 and we will be glad to discuss the program in detail.