Barney Ross

Barney Ross, a senior managing partner, has spent almost fifty years in the medical field. He started his medical journey at the age of twenty as a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. On his return from Vietnam he continued his naval career and enrolled in the Navy’s Cardio-pulmonary Technologist program. Completing this program he remained in the Navy for another 8 years, becoming an instructor for the program. On leaving the Navy he pursued a civilian career as a cardiopulmonary technologist. He specialized in running pediatric and adult cardiac catheterization labs for many years. Barney considers his pediatric work as one of the most rewarding and heartbreaking periods of his life. Many of his pediatric patients were premature infants with severe congenital heart defects. Because of the pioneering nature of this work and the lack of undiscovered surgical techniques at that time, most of these infants never made it out of the catheterization lab, unlike today. But that never stopped Barney and his team from trying and sometimes, as Barney likes to say, God stepped in and saved the day.  Another aspect that Barney says added to the importance of this experience was the compassion that he felt for the family of the infant. He and his team knew how hopeless the situation appeared and that they owed it to the family to expend every last ounce of their energy and all their expertise to give their child a chance to survive.

In his  present capacity as senior managing partner of Here For You , every client and every client’s loved  one can rest assured that the  same dedication shown then by Barney is still carried on not only by him but by all Here For You Care givers.

Natalie Foschini

At the inception of this business, Natalie brought something very special to the table as a founding partner. That something special was life experience. Natalie’s daughter was born with a spinal defect that left her paralyzed from the waist down. As a single mother, Natalie maintained a job while also caring for her daughter. An important part of the care process was finding the right care agency to take care of her daughter while she worked a 12 hour job. Because of her frustrating experience with many different home care agencies, Natalie was instrumental in laying the groundwork for Here For You by informing us of not only of what to do, but what not to do. Her input at such a critical time in the founding days of the company is one of the major reasons for the company’s success. She shares the same 24/7 dedication and compassion as her founding partners and since she is also responsible for recruiting Here For You care givers she demands that same dedication and compassion from them. 

Sharon Dortort

Sharon is a founding partner who was instrumental in the founding of Here For You. She is an experienced and successful businesswoman who is well respected in the community. Her business and marketing expertise was an invaluable asset in the establishment of the company and continues to guide the business in considerations for the future development of the business. She is no stranger to home health care, having cared for her mother while receiving hospice care. She shares the compassion and dedication of her two partners and is totally dedicated to delivering quality home health care.